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Job for babysitters, nannies, maids and nurses in Moscow - Russia


About our company

Safety and Security

Our agency already has helped to find jobs for a lot of philippines ladies.  It has been confirmed by our jobseekers, who live happily in Russian families.

Guaranteed results
Our agency guarantees you to solve yours problems with regards to invitations, visa and necessary documents for living in Russia.

Our company is responsible for the people who come through us to Russia. 
The advantages of working in Russia 

Your salary will be approximately 45000 russian rubles and more.

You will have comfortable working timetable and good working conditions.

You can have opportunity to travel around the world with employers.

You will have a vacation of about one month in every year.

You can get valuable packages as gifts from satisfied  employers.

There will be no monthly comission fee on your salary.

Your personal monthly expenses in Russia will be about $100.

You can choose your employer by yourself, because a lot of Russian people want to have a Philippine stuff.

Moscow is the city with the highest salary of Russia for Philippine maids and nannies.

Stages of working with us:
Leave application
You have to fill in application form and have to send your resume about work experience by e-mail If there is a vacancy for you, our manager will send you a copy of the contract of the company.
To get an Invitation
You have to send us a copy of your passport and payment for invitation of visa by Western Union, then expect receiving invitation in about 1,5 month.

Visa application

You have to go to the Embassy of Russia with the invitation and passport, then you pay a visa application fee and a health insurance.


After receiving  your visa for two years, you have to take a flight to Moscow. We will meet you at the airport in Moscow and we will take you to your place of residence. On the next day you will meet with your employers.
Why you can trust our company  

Office in Moscow

Our company has many customers, who need philippines babysitters, nannies and maids. That is why we can find a job for every jobseeker.
But also you can collaborate with other agencies. You are free in your choosing. 

Agency enters into a contract with jobseekers

We will have an agreement on cooperation with every person who want to go to work in Russia. The terms of an agreement includes the responsibilities of our agency and the jobseekers.

No comission for a placement

 Our agency doesn't receive any commission from your monthly salary. We help employers to get good workers and we are being paid by employers but not jobseekers.

Assistance for you

We will help you to rent apartment and to solve all other problems in Russia. By the time you will come to Russia, your appartment will be ready in Moscow. Also we make all necessary organisations to meet you at the airport in Moscow, in order not have any inconvienances at the airport. 
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I find your agency on Facebook. Thank you so much. Follow on news  Miss nanny recruitment agency.



Thank you Ma"am Laevskaya Elena for my good job and a good salary.
Desiree Angel-Sigman


I like Moscow and my employer. Thank you for a placement.


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